How Do You Find Factual Information on the Internet?

  How do you find factual information on the internet? It makes sense to conduct research online when writing papers or working on projects. However, there are occasions when having so many options available might be daunting. You may save time and hassles by knowing how to analyze and select internet resources. How do you find factual information on the internet?   Here are 5 suggestions for quick and efficient web research: 1. Begin in school Find out what resources your professors or the library would suggest for your assignment. You can be sure the sources are accepted by the institution and the data is correct in this way.  Your school or instructor could have paid memberships to online publications or websites in specific circumstances. These may provide information for you that a typical Internet search wouldn't. Unless your teacher specifically instructs you otherwise, accessing the Internet should just be one of your research tools. There are many helpful books, magazines